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Dental plaque in Elmhurst

Elmhurst dentist office
Elmhurst dentist office

Dental plaque is a film-like substance. It’s most noticeable when you awaken each morning, because that’s when you can feel it coating your teeth, and being responsible for unpleasant breath. Here at Maspeth Family Dental Group, our priority is to prevent the consequences of this colorless, invisible, sticky bacteria so that you can maintain strong, healthy teeth and gums now and in the future.

At our Elmhurst dentist office, we want you to know that sugar and starch fuel the formation of plaque, so it’s a very good idea to limit them in your diet. The more plaque you have, and the longer it spends on your teeth and at the gum line, the more chance there is of cavities and of contracting gum disease. It’s that simple. Initially, your gums may redden and become irritated, which are the classic signs of gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease. Fortunately, a teeth cleaning at our Elmhurst dentist office, as part of your twice-yearly visit for a checkup, reverses the effects of gingivitis. But to trace the path of plaque, we must go back further. In addition to brushing when you wake up, you should do so again before bed. And at that time, it’s also highly recommended that you floss thoroughly. You want to remove as much plaque as you can. Any that remains will turn into tartar, a hardened form for which you’ll need our teeth cleaning to properly address. Regular elimination of plaque and tartar makes it far less likely that you’ll experience larger cavities or periodontitis, the later stage of gum disease.

Prevention is so very important when it comes to your oral health. Contact our office right now and let us schedule you for a convenient time to come in and have your dental plaque and tartar taken care of at our Elmhurst dentist office.

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