Dental checkup in Elmhurst

Dental Checkup in Elmhurst

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Preventive care in Elmhurst

Preventative dental care is a very important part of maintaining optimal oral health. You shouldn’t wait until you have a cavity or an even worse dental problem to go to the dentist. Getting a dental checkup in Elmhurst and a professional cleaning twice a year greatly decreases the likelihood of developing a dental problem.

The best way to obtain and to maintain good oral health is to prevent dental problems from developing in the first place through a good preventative program. This will allow the professional dentist to detect oral health issues early on. Early diagnosis allows for early treatment which helps to stop issues from progressing. Preventative care includes getting a regular dental checkup in Elmhurst along with professional cleanings done by your hygienist twice a year. However, it also involves learning about and implementing proper self care. A good preventative dental care program includes one in which the dental staff educates the patients. When patients are informed about proper oral hygiene and daily oral self-care practices, they are better able to maintain good oral health and to avoid dental problems and unnecessary procedures. However, preventative care is a team effort; it involves the hygienist, the dentist and the patients working collaboratively to obtain the best oral health possible. The professional dentist and hygienist can help patients while they’re in the office by properly treating them and instructing them on how to care for their teeth and gums on a daily basis when they’re at home and not at the office. It is then up to the patient to follow the daily regimen as instructed by the dental professionals. When patients need to choose a dental practice that offers a quality preventative program like ours at Maspeth Family Dental Group and they follow the recommendations of the oral health care team, they have the best chance of obtaining and maintaining good oral health.

If it’s been more than six months since you’ve had a dental checkup in Elmhurst, contact our office today. We’ll schedule an appointment for you with our experienced dentist and hygienist.

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